Stray Kitten Came To Couple For Help During Stormy Night

A couple capture moments of them being chosen by a stray kitten during a stormy night.


#1 “My girlfriend and I heard the most pitiful mewling outside our back door,”

It was a dark, cold stormy night when a couple heard a kitten cry coming from outside. They rushed out and found a little kitten all soaked up, meowing for help.
They put a bowl of cat food out trying to get closer to the kitty. “We waited for over an hour, softly calling into the dark.”

It took time, but eventually the kitten decided to accept her human friends. “(She) even stooped to eating the pitiful offering we had provided.”



#2 Meowing to her human friends for help!

The kitten was wet and shivering, so the couple took her in.